Day 2 with Unleash Kids in Haiti

A report for the day:

We woke up this morning and worked on installing the new software on 30 XOs (that process included fixing screens, testing microphones, and charging too of course).
Charging the laptops
Testing the laptops with Chee and Sora
Fixing a screenODxbCgoE5CgeLGdiZY7VCmafdDPVwBf8EDT2KPAfKiM
After that we walked to pick up Ruben Magloire, who arrived from his school in Croix des Bouquets, and Mario Calixte. Mario is a Haitian who went to school at Virginia Tech to study computer science. Mario will be helping to install Internet-in-a-Box at a school in the south… We got in touch with him by connecting with Denny, who lives in my state (Virginia) and has already deployed more than 700 Linux computers (not XOs, but similar system) here in Haiti.

Denny Baumann holds the $150 Internet-in-a-Box device.

On our walk we photographed various street scenes and picked up some lunch.

Papita vendor0UB7OukMxEo0gmco9a1GbP50gD9gES6LSOe_NCrqfeoNice dress!quJTQ2ys6oUGYDXk7VM6t58EUvVLKm7C7VXhzs50wpUTap tap (taxi)37JXuxZ4VWmKZvx8dADnZ3uYeHPXxYz53j8XhEUBejsSugar cane for saleDIk-OZ38S9NHZ2PpFFKId6zAIxKTnOihbLeCwwGHFAcHere’s our lunch!26rIFmzqrt5PMeLRojOXRfolyIoi8L0vifanx0ubkw8e78TrsE_Xyh6_bwcuIvJ203GPqsdtzovR6exNvw5QmUMario met up to talk about installing Internet-in-a-Box and I talked with Ruben about the new things we have added to the Haiti operating system.QxL7ZqtvOPYD8hzx9QvjZN7vJ5GVhgXu5x9rRjiZpPYWe also showed Ruben books for his school, brought from Canada and from EducaVision Inc (  Good job picking them out.BLLKj4k-HrQTorSrz_Kjv1f94Yx_j8GlEyuij3_EVLA9n-Fsy6NfD3IfkedKIsNJ12ozy0d2czZ-T88WM1O0uwI think it will be another late night.



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