Day 3 with Unleash Kids in Haiti

Monday was the  introductory day of a computer club at Cazeau Christian Elementary School. Adam Holt introduced the team from Unleash Kids! as well as two mentors, Jeanide Joseph and Junior Monrose.

Jan20-2014Day3Haiti1 Both students and teachers took part in the classes. In these classes, the students usually begin with a contest to see who can figure out how to open the laptops first! Often it is a student and not a teacher who is quickest. At this school we see that the children make use of “mice”. Not so at many schools where they use the touchpads on the laptops.


The students were divided into four groups, each with at least one teacher. Here you see Junior to the right, in a yellow striped shirt. He has taken part in laptop teaching in many schools over the past few years.


Here you see Mario Calixte assisting with explanations. That is Sora Edwars-Thro at the chalk board.


A whole new mystery world here for both student and teacher!


This is Jeanide (standing on the right) assisting one of the teams.


One of the favorite activities is taking photographs of each other!


Curt Thompson and Adam Holt assisting another team with their photographs.


At work on a project already!


Each one demonstrates her success to the others.


They are concentrating hard to understand Adam’s French!


Each team selected a name which is posted on the board. It looks like team SUPER NOVA received the most points in a competition.


And then it was time for recess…. and also time to recharge the laptops for later use.



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