Day 4 With Unleash Kids at Cazeau Christian Elementary School

Curt Thompson, SoraEdwards-Thro and Marie Holt

January 21-2014

More lessons for the kids at Cazeau Christian Elementary School today.  They went outside and took photos again, but this time made a ‘storyboard’ style cartoon with speech bubbles.


After that we had a great meet & greet with some teachers from Ferrier school, where we hope to be helping with solar the day after tomorrow. This is their school coordinator.


We also met with a bush-pilot, electrical engineer, mechanic, and linux Guru called Bernard.  Exciting things ahead it seems!

Jan21-2014HD6Day4.Sora with Ferrier School teachers.Jan21-2014HD7Day4.

Some more photos from the team below:

Expert at work: Meet George! He`s setting up the school server. On Day 3, the technical team spent the morning working out a preliminary plan for where to put access points, computers, and much more.

Jan21-2014HD2Day4Here you see the main area of the orphanage. The technical team was hard at work putting up wires to connect all the different places (house, orphanage library room, church). Server is running properly now after all their hard work.


Irresistible kids at the school.

Jan21-2014HD4Day4Children playing with writing boardsJan21-2014HD5Day4

The teachers (who had been trained by Sora last week) had their first classes with the kids starting on Monday. They taught the parts of the computer and then took photos using the camera and the Record activity. Each teacher was assigned to a team of about 4 kids or so. At the end of class, each team presented its two best photos and everyone voted on their favorites. The winning team was called Super Nova.

Second day of lessons begins.Jan21-2014HD9Day4Buddies at the orphanageJan21-2014HD10Day4*****


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