My Virtual Visit with Mission of Hope in Grand Goave, Haiti

After my September visit with Unleash Kids! in Grand Goave, Haiti, I can’t help but want to keep up with the progress they are making there. Each week I check in via their website to see the photos and read the stories on the most recent happenings. (

This week’s updates are so amazing. This week saw the arrival of Mission USA (from the Chapel, Akron, OH). First I read their story about the school bus they lovingly converted into a medical clinic. The bus has been fitted with cabinets, counters, a sink – even an exam table and wall partitions for privacy.  They held a big food packaging event and packed it all into the bus, along with all the other purchases and donations. This present group of volunteers has done phenomenal work. They purchased many useful and needed items such as a generator, two commercial grade ovens for the main school, a washing machine and a flat grill for the missionary compound.

Jan21-2014HD1Renée, who with her husband and two children has spent 14 years serving at the Mission, describes even more:
Once the bus was unpacked, the visiting team started working on several other projects, such as plumbing, pouring a slab for the new generator, medical clinics in St Etienne, disability ministry, Electronic Medical Record data entry, village ministry, cooking and feeding the poor, and loving on lots of little ones. They purchased tiles and supervised laying down a new kitchen floor that will be easy to keep clean.

Jan21-2014HD2Now here is one thing I was especially happy to hear.  Three organizations pooled their resources and collectively purchased a motorcycle with trailer attachment. Mission USA and Help for Haiti went in thirds with Mission of Hope to get this ever so useful three wheeler. It is wonderful to see how these teams work with and for each other!

Jan21-2014HD3On their website I enjoy seeing familiar faces, like little Faith getting so big now,  Tammy and Kevin, Pastor Lex … and yes, Dieunison. You may recall me writing about his birthday back in May. ( Seeing his progress delights me! I’m part of his fan club! One day I expect him to work with, or maybe even start “One Bike per Child”.

Jan21-2014HD4DeunisonSuch a satisfying update.



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