Talking Clouds

This is part of a report sent to me from Haiti where Unleash Kids! is introducing a Computer Club at Cazeau Christian Secondary School, close to the airport in Port-au-Prince.

by Sora Edwards-Thro and Marie Holt

For the second day of classes, the kids worked on Fototoon. Examples of the kids’ work are attached below.. I’ll include stories about each:

Jan22-2014HDFototoon1The teacher holding the laptop is saying: “Since it can’t fall, I’m doing this.” I think the kids are referring to the fact that the XO laptops are extremely durable, that it is OK to hold them in a different/wacky position in order to get the perfect photo because it’s not the end of the world if it takes a tumble! I’m glad the kids mastered this concept so quickly – it’s part of why I do photos on the first day; to get them messing around with the machines.

The photos of the tree and the clouds saying “Hello” and “Hello, we are clouds” may not seem like much, but one of the teachers actually came up to me and said, ” Clouds can’t talk!” which started a conversation about what creativity means and why it’s good to let the kids use their imaginations.


I sympathize with the teachers to some degree. In their training they have learned everything by rote. Learning to allow the kids a certain amount of freedom is a bit frightening. This is a situation where students are asked to walk outdoors taking pictures, interviewing people in the neighborhood…and this certainly takes a great deal of adjusting to. As teachers everywhere, there’s a reluctance at first to giving up total control, to learning a new kind of discipline, to allowing kids to wander about and learn from others, maybe even a fear of how the principal will respond!

Now I must share my favorite photo! This is such a great picture of kids who are curious and enjoying sharing ideas. They are really involved in their projects.


This boy is working solo… and is so absorbed!


These girls are looking for the perfect photo for their project.



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