Unleash Kids’ Photos from the Mountains in Haiti: Day 6

This is the report from Unleash Kids! on their sixth day of volunteer work with schools in Haiti. This day’s activities take place at the Ferrier School located in the mountains above Port-au-Prince.

Today we piled into a car with 9 people (3 in front, in the middle, and in the trunk) and drove an hour to a village on top of a mountain just outside the city. The village is called Ferrier and James Murdza started an XO (laptop) project there back in the summer. Presently James is attending university in California.
Curt, Tim, George, and Adam worked to install a solar charging system. They used a rollable solar panel that James brought and left, and a new battery and charge controller that we brought.
Chi, Jeanide, Junior, and I taught the kids some basic things on the XOs.
After that, we stopped by Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince for a drink.
     Sora Edwards-Thro
Thank you Chi for the photos!
In the car leaving Port-au-Prince


Some of the hillside dwellings have recently been given a coat of paint.


At the Ferrier school’s kindergarten class. The children  are usually at different levels and are between 3 and 5 years of age.


A more advanced class practices writing at the blackboard. Here you can see that the classrooms have been recently built. They are bright, large in size and appear to be quite sturdy.


The school children pose with the volunteers



Adam throws a frisbee


Checking out their skills


The boy in the red shirt is working on a maze. Perhaps he is a visitor? He is not in uniform. On the blackboard is written “Dieu est grand” –  God is great.


One on one guidance


George is at work with the other tech guys. You can see the roll-out solar panel.

Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams12 Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams13 Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams14

Adam gives his input


Typical style of painting on school walls


Sora and Junior race up the hills… Sora tries to run each day because she is on a team back at school in the USA.


There goes Curt with his new friend Metch!


Digging up the mountains…

Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams19 Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams20

A small market


The Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince must be visited at least once!

Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams22 Jan23-2014FerrierHaitiDreams23

The end of another rewarding day!



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