Weekend Photos from Cazeau Christian Elementary School and Orphanage

It is with great delight that I am able to share photos from this past weekend of the children from Cazeau. It is so wonderful and satisfying to see them enjoying their new computers and practicing their skills after the Unleash Kids! volunteers have left!

January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group1 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group2 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group3I LOVE this pileup of kids!

January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group4 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group5 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group6 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group7 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group8 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group9Love the shades!

January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group10This young man looks like he knows what he is doing…and the others seem to be enthralled!

January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group11 January26-2014CazeauFromLisa'a-group12Thank you Lisa, Levi, Cari and the others who shared the wonderful photos of this weekend’s activities!



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