Day 9 with Unleash Kids in Haiti

The group rose early, left Hinche, and then headed to the orphanage run by Frere Silar.


Poor man hadn’t realized they were coming because of mixed signals. The goal was to scout out new locations where WiFi signals might reach on his new property, which includes a church area as well as classrooms for the older children upstairs – and the younger kids downstairs. The Orphanage still remains close by at the older site.

Looking for better WiFi sites


Discussing goals and dreams with Silar. The dream is to string ethernet cable from the old property (where the orphanage will remain) to the new property 10+ meters to the West, so that Wifi, Internet-in-a-Box (if not actual Internet too) can be used.
This would require permission of the landowner in between of course, which Silar’s does not think will be much of a problem.
This is a very important problem to resolve as the laptops are now hand-carried from the orphanage (charging, security) to the school for actual lessons, where no Wifi signal is presently possible.


More work was done with the Internet-in-a-Box setup.  The children have been using the Internet a lot in the evening hours. The team worked on upgrading all of the computers as well.

Ruben, Junior and Jeanide (behind Junior) at work


Adam, Sora and Ruben. Pleased to see Ruben joining the team!


It’s all about the children..and they are never far! I think that’s my friend “Moses” on the left.


What good friends!  🙂

Jan31-2014Day9atSilar's4Tim and Jeanide upstairs working.


Following the adventure at the Orphanage, several team members had flights to catch to return to the States.

The rest of the team returned to Cazeau Christian Elementary School ( to work on a problem they were having,  and then on to Leogane to the Greta Home And Academy.( And finally, a few days were spent at Mission of Hope in Grand Goave. ( “Adam came to MOHI to do the original training and has been on top of everything ever since – just from afar. It’s nice to have him back for a few days!”


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