The Children

The children of Haiti are so loveable. Whether in schools, on the streets or in orphanages, there is the desire to make their lives easier and healthier, to help them grow into proud Haitians.

Several volunteers have offered to share their recent photos of some of the fortunate children who have sponsors to help them reach these goals. I’m thrilled to share these pictures with you.

Orphanages in Haiti need a bit of explaining to those who are not familiar with them.  Often the children do have family, and there is value in keeping families together if possible. For various reasons the families are unable to raise the children, but do keep in contact. Sponsors may assist by providing for school fees and uniforms (a necessity in Haiti), and for some food and access to medical clinics.  Some children may not stay in the orphanage, but rather on the street or with their families but may still have sponsors. Once in their early twenties, these young people, better prepared for life,  age out of the system.

Here are some cuties, many with their sponsors.


Puzzles and Lego make wonderful gifts. They help expand manual dexterity, mental visualization, searching methods, problem solving, concentration, team effort…and then there’s the pride at the end! Not just that, but they last for a good long time, especially if the pieces are carefully kept in individual zip lock bags! Thank-you Catherine Mitchell Rodell for your gift!

HaitiCazeauOrph13Bsmall HaitiCazeauOrph10Bsmall


In the dorm

HaitiCazeauOrph14Bby KaraSmith

Enjoying Computer Club





Nailpolish often breaks the language barrier!



Twins, sponsored by twins!


Working on puzzles





Cell phones, another universal language

Haiti-by-LevyBSuper smiles

HaitiCazeauOrph9BWhat a doll!



All dressed up!


Outside the medical center, a photo request


Nurse at work


Guarding the clinic


A creative boy outside his father’s shop


A young woman with her proud and happy sponsor



My thanks to Levi Wade,  Cynthia Howe Wade, Kristi Rase Cordle, Sue Bell,  Cari Guerin Merrick, Melinda Cleghorn Alison, Kara Smith, Heather Long Smith, Charlayne Boyd, Teresa Kerr Lewis and Lisa Hendrick for their efforts, photographs or for just being great subjects in these pictures.


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