Kenya buys 1.2M laptops from Olive Telecom of India

Kenya is courageous to throw itself into the 21st century so rapidly in 2014.  Time will tell how US$ 286 Million (24,687,360,000 Kenya Shilling) in laptops/printers/projectors will begin to spur electrification of Kenya’s schools (9000 of 20,000 need electricity here), Wifi/server connectivity, content curation and advancement of its teachers!  Last but not least: in one of Africa’s most technological nations, how will educational reform involve parents’ devices, community libraries, universities and lifelong learning?


‘The [India] company is expected to provide 1,203,539 laptops, 20,637 printers and 20,637 projectors for learning in public primary schools. An additional 20,637 laptops will be for the teachers… “By the end of first quarter this year, all the pupils will have the laptops” …in October 2013, the Ministry of Education trained 150 master trainers at Kenya Education Management Institute.  “The master trainers will in turn train 3,000 trainers of trainers, who by the time the laptops are delivered to the schools, we will have trained over 60,000 teachers,” said [Principal Secretary for Education Dr Belio Kipsang].  Three teachers would then be distributed to each of the 20,000 public primary schools in the country.  Dr Kipsang said that the Rural Electrification Authority had connected 11,000 out of the total 20,000 eligible primary school with power.  Another 4,000 schools will be connected by end of June, 2014 [but negotiations continue with the Ministry of Energy and the Treasury to see if 40% (8000?) of these schools will really get solar power…]’

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