Kenya: Education committee demands cancellation of 1.2M laptop tender

‘It is now emerging that the company awarded the tender to supply the Sh24 billion laptop computers does not manufacture computers, and even lacks the capacity to supply the same. The Parliamentary Committee on Education members Jacob Macharia and Michael Kisoi want the Government to stop the deal. They have demanded that officials of the Ministry of Education explain the details of the project. “How did they arrive at a decision to give this company that lacks the necessary capability to handle this project the tender? Asked Macharia. Speaking in Mombasa Saturday, Macharia said the company was not the official manufacturer of the laptop computers and only sold mobile telephones. “We are asking the Government officials to explain to us who are the people behind this project,” he said.’


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One Response to Kenya: Education committee demands cancellation of 1.2M laptop tender

  1. Daniel says:

    Sometimes I am made to think that such blunders emanate from the quality of education we offer in our schools and institutions. How could the tendering process go this far without anyone in the tender committee raising queries? This raises many questions about the competency of the entrusted personnel. If Olive could go this far with such naked shortcomings, imagine what some little sophistication could do. No wonder Goldenberg and Anglo-leasing remain great myths. May be the government should consider seeking professional consultancy services internationally when it comes to such weighty matters. On such matters, a PhD with a pastime of visiting drinking dens would be in very thick woods.

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